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Parts similar to Standard PN '5962-0151801QXC'

Caution Caution: Do not use Vendor PN for item acquisition (procurement). Items acquired to this number may not satisfy the performance requirements of the Standard PN as specified in the SMD or MIL-M-38510 slash sheet.

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Standard PNSourceVendor PNEOL DateDescription
5962-0151801QXC ACTEL A54SX32A-CQ256B FPGA, 32,000 GATES
5962-0151801QYC ACTEL A54SX32A-CQ208B FPGA, 32,000 GATES
5962-0151801QZC ACTEL A54SX32A-CQ84B FPGA, 32,000 GATES
5962-0151802QXC ACTEL A54SX32A-1CQ256B FPGA, 32,000 GATES
5962-0151802QYC ACTEL A54SX32A-1CQ208B FPGA, 32,000 GATES
5962-0151802QZC ACTEL A54SX32A-1CQ84B FPGA, 32,000 GATES