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How to Properly Prepare a Standard Form (SF) 364

The following instructions are HOW TO PROPERLY PREPARE A STANDARD FORM (SF) 364 for Packaging Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR).

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  1. Top of the form: Place 'X' inside the box marked 'PACKAGING' to designate the report as a packaging discrepancy.
  2. BLOCK 1 - Date of Preparation: Date report is prepared Yr/M/D
  3. BLOCK 2 - Report Number: Alphanumeric code 12 positions - First six positions DOD activity address code (DODAAC); next two positions calendar year; and last four positions number of reports prepared that calendar year.
  4. BLOCK 3 - To: Name, address, zip code, and attention symbol of action activity.
  5. BLOCK 4 - From: Name, address, zip code, and attention symbol of reporting activity.
  6. BLOCK 5a - Shipper's Name: Name, address, and DODAAC of shipper.
  7. BLOCK 5b - Number and Date of Invoice: Leave blank if (not applicable).
  8. BLOCK 6 - Transportation Document Number: Type of transportation document and number assigned to document.
  9. BLOCK 7a - Shipper's Number: Purchase order/contract number, or shipment number when more than one shipment is made under a contract or requisition.
  10. BLOCK 7b - Office Administering Contract: Name of the office administering the contract, as in block 10 of DD Form 250, Material inspection and Receiving Report.
  11. BLOCK 8 - Requisitioner's Number: Requisitioning activity's number.
  12. BLOCK 9a - NSN/Part Number and Nomenclature: For serial numbered major items, sets, and kits, list the individual item serial number first, and discrepancies applicable to that serial number.
  13. BLOCK 9b - Unit of Issue: Leave blank (not applicable).
  14. BLOCK 9c - Quantity Shipped/Billed: Leave blank (not applicable).
  15. BLOCK 9d - Quantity Received: Quantity of items received.
  16. BLOCK 10a - Quantity: The discrepant quantity.
  17. BLOCK 10b - Unit Price: Leave blank (not applicable).
  18. BLOCK 10c - Total Cost: Total cost of correcting the discrepancy.
  19. BLOCK 10d - Code: Use codes listed on the form under Discrepancy Codes.
  20. BLOCK 11 - Action Code: Use codes listed on the form under Action Codes.
  21. BLOCK 12 - Remarks: Use for any supplemental information or clarification to describe discrepancies or cause of the deficiencies.
  22. BLOCK 13 - Funding and Accounting Data: Accounting/appropriation codes.
  23. BLOCK 14a - Typed or Printed Name, Title, and Phone Number of Preparing Official: Self-explanatory.
  24. BLOCK 14b - Signature: Self-explanatory.
  25. BLOCK 15 - Distribution Addresses for Copies: Other addresses receiving copies of the report, e.g., Defense Supply Center, Inventory Control Point, or Contract Administration Service.
  26. NOTE: Attach all supporting documents and photos to the SF 364 as enclosures.

Do you need a copy of the Standard Form 364?   Visit our FORMS web page.

Do you have questions on Packaging Supply Discrepancy Reports?   Use one of the following four mediums to either get your questions answered or to contact us:
Content Inquiries: DSCC.Packaging@dla.mil